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1.Brief Summary of Services and Rates

With us you will receive special hands on care from skillful therapist with over 10 years of experience. Here you can quickly recover health and alleviate stress by receiving our distinctive, painless and unique energy work to penetrate deep into the bones and muscles, relieving any energy channel circulation problems you may have deep in your system. We can help you completely recover from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes, and sleep better in one day’s treatment.
Full Body Health Protection Massage using energy channels

Our Services Include
Recommend for maintaining the entire body’s energy channels 1000 NT dollars /hour

Full Body Energy Channel Healing and Rehabilitation Massage
1200 NT dollars /hour (something about where you think the main problem is, he works on the opposite)

Specific Energy Channel Work 300NT dollars/body part/15 min

Facial Energy Channels Massage 600 NT dollars /30 min

Foot Energy Channels Massage 600 NT dollars /30 min

To make an appointment, please call: 02-2394-9918
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(Guting MRT Station’s Exit Number 6)
Website: www.tui-na.com.tw

2.Full Body Health meridian Massage

Energy work massage therapy’s main results are to help the body’s energy channel’s circulation of “qi” and blood (two basic bodily fluids of Chinese medicine). These energy channels are spread out throughout every inch of the entire body, including the skin and muscles nerve fibers. This energy work massage is a systematically effective therapy for the body’s widespread nerves.

To make an appointment, please call: 02-2394-9918
Website: www.tui-na.com.tw

3.Full Body Rehab meridian Massage

Full body healing and rehabilitation massage uses the distinctive technique of energy work to penetrate deep into bones and muscle tissues. It is for anyone who has new or chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or has been a victim of an accident, and has already tried regular Full Body Energy Massage and had not received the wanted relief. Only then should a person choose to receive the Healing and Rehabilitation Massage option. During this massage, the therapist will use his/her hands to search for blockage in the muscles and fix anything that is out of alignment, and nurse your body back to health. The body’s energy and acupuncture points are all closely connected to each other and have a very close connection throughout the entire body.
When the body receives our Full Body Rehab Massage, the results are greater than other forms of massage.

〈Please note, we are not a treatment facility. If you are sick, please consult a doctor.〉

To make an appointment, please call: 02-2394-9918
Website: www.tui-na.com.tw

4.Latest Technique Foot meridian Massage

Acupuncture/Energy Work on the soles of the feet is a gentle, stress relieving therapy. The benefit comes from strategical acupressure points, not strong force. Benefits of this treatment include:

1.You don’t have to worry about preparing your feet for the treatment. You can leave your socks on, and if you don’t have socks, we will cover your feet with a cloth, and immediately start working on your massage.

2.Comfortable, not painful:

A normal foot massage usually uses a pad along with a vibrator, or knuckles. Our method of massage uses a different technique on the souls of the feet, using the elbow to find sore points. The pressure we use will not hurt at all, in fact we don’t need to use strong pressure to get the results needed.

3.Complete and Thorough Treatment

The treatment is done while lying on the massage chair and our therapist will make sure that every part of the foot receives treatment. No part of the foot will be neglected.

4.Foot Massage also Connects with the Complete Body’s Energy Channels

Studies have proven that the relationship between acupuncture points and the soles of the feet have a direct connection to overall body wellness. The benefits include indirect pressure alleviation, and used along with other massage therapy, will enhance the treatment’s affects.
To make an appointment, please call: 02-2394-9918
Website: www.tui-na.com.tw

5.Specific Body Part Massage Treatment

The majority of deep tissue massages are only performed on the outer body region. But our specialized deep tissue massage with energy work not only includes the outer area of the body, but also uses acupuncture points and will have a much greater effect on any of your uncomfortable or painful areas, bringing you faster and stronger relief.
For example, the common neck and shoulder stiffness can be temporarily relived by using massage on the sore area. But the pain is likely to come back, and it is a constant battle to get relief. Often mere stretching and massage is not enough.
If you take that same pain and instead receive our specialized treatment, for example, if your right shoulder has pain, we will not only work on the right shoulder, but also the left shoulder for balance. We will also work on other corresponding points in the body such as the chest, waist, and feet, you will find that the results are much more successful.

To make an appointment, please call: 02-2394-9918
Website: www.tui-na.com.tw

6.Specialized Energy Works Massage Complete Instruction Video, Only 1000 NT dollars /Year

This specialized teaching video covers…
A person’s energy channels are dispersed throughout the entire body, from the tip of the head to the toes of the feet. So, while doing or receiving energy work specialized massage therapy, it is important to know and understand the entire body’s functions and reactions to the treatment. These videos will divide the body into sections, explaining how the treatments work one by one.
This method will let a new apprentice very quickly and efficiently be familiar with how the therapy works and let him/her fluidly put his/her knowledge into practice.
All you need is our Complete Instruction Videos, which includes ten types of the common techniques used in Energy Channel massage therapy, and you can easily master full body deep tissue energy work massage therapy. To access these non-scheduled, detailed and thorough videos, simply sign
up and purchase through our website.

The online textbook is only 1000 kuai per year. (any updates on the textbook are free)
Method of payment: Bank transfer funds
Credited Bank: AnTai Bank (nanmen branch, bank code 816)
Bank account number: 03322014179000
Funds Received Account name: Ye Fuyuan
Customer Service Number 02-2394-9918
Email address: yehfuyuan@tui-na.com.tw
Can Access: Up to one year

Videos Include

The Back of the neck and shoulder area Instruction Video 1~5
The Back and upper arm area Instruction Videos 6~7
The back of both feet Instruction Videos 12~15
The Left side of the body Instruction Videos 16~23
The right side of the body Instruction Videos 24~31
The front of the face, neck and shoulders Instruction Videos 32~35
Chest and Stomach Instruction Videos 36~41
The tops of the Feet Instruction Videos 42~45
Legs Instruction Videos 46~49
RECAP Video Instruction Video 50

7.Energy Channel Massage Therapy for Prolonged Fatigue and Pain

In everyday life, it is hard to avoid unexpected accidents, whether exercise or work related. It is common for these accidents or injuries to leave prolonged pain or discomfort for a long time, and may have settled deep into the body. An experienced therapist however, can use specialized energy work massage to search deep into the bones and muscles and tackle the problem that makes you uncomfortable.

To make an appointment, please call: 02-2394-9918
Website: www.tui-na.com.tw

8.Facial Energy Works Massage to Quickly Alleviate Stress 600 NT dollars /Session

Head and Facial Energy Channel Massage’s Characteristics:

1.Comfortable and satisfying: Modern society is spending all day in front of the computer screen. Our facial energy works massage’s goal is to relieve pressure around the eyes, and forehead. Our unique therapy techniques are able to dive deep into the head and relieve and drain any pressure in the skull and brain.

2.The therapy starts with the temples by the eyes, then moves up to the forehead, then down to the cheeks, ears, and down to the nape of the neck. If you would like to add the rest of the neck or other body parts, you are welcome to add at extra cost.

To make an appointment, please call: 02-2394-9918
Website: www.tui-na.com.tw